Building Pakistan’s first Super App


ZAPP is the first Everyday Super App in Karachi, Pakistan.

Being one of the megacities of the world, Karachi is home to 16 million people and the commercial hub of Pakistan, the fifth most populous country in the world. Consumer behaviour has changed a great deal in this market in the last few years, leaving the Pakistani audience in need of a go-to virtual store that would take care of or their demands and wishes in a fast, reliable, and user-friendly way.

In this complex and multi-faceted context, Zapp is building a true Super App for a megacity. Zapp’s aim is to scale its success across other cities and towns across the country connecting intercity commerce like never before.

The mission of ZAPP App is to create opportunities and financial inclusion with low entry barriers for everyone, regardless of their size or financial position. To do this, ZAPP is creating a service that empowers all its stakeholders.


P3’s financial platform was essential to bring Zapp’s vision to life. The modular structure of the P3 platform allows clients to integrate the pieces their business requires in record time. The engineering team at P3 worked closely with ZAPP operations and product teams to create a truly localized service which is capable of rapid iterations to continually support the client’s growth & expansion roadmap.

ZAPP Super App connects people with merchants of all size and category for a safer, faster, and more enriched digital experience. The geo-based marketplace is designed to connect and empower three main ecosystem stakeholders: merchants, buyers, and delivery agents.

ZAPP extends the platform operator model to micro merchants, who might have previously been too small to function in a financial ecosystem. They benefit along the bigger merchants from P3’s Micro merchant (All-in-One SuperPOS) application combining P3’s native payment acceptance and processing capabilities, and its core POS capabilities like inventory management, business intelligence and reporting. The merchants can create their own virtual stores within the ZAPP App, produce campaigns and special offers for their customers, get real time stock availability information and offer for example flexible opening hours or upgraded delivery options.

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“It was essential to start the process with a tried and tested, multi-functional engine like P3. It is easy to customize the offering when the underlying basics work.”

- Hasan Malik, CEO of P3 Financial Group
case studies

For buyers, ZAPP offers a single app for convenient urban consumption with advanced payment methods from the comfort of their homes. For people who are in COVID-19 risk group or want to protect vulnerable family members, ZAPP enables a safe, contactless shopping experience where both payment and delivery can happen without any physical contact.

The delivery part of the service is run through the Zappman App, an end-to-end logistics module controlling the entire fleet’s flow of goods. The module provides real-time delivery tracking and confirmation of delivery for all stakeholders in the process.

“Commerce globally is being disrupted by digital. We see the adoption of AI and advanced mobility playing a huge role in redefining how people buy and sell.

When we started looking for a technology partner for this project, we found many examples of piecemeal successes around the world but there was no one company that pulled all the pieces together, especially when you operate in an emerging market, where some of the fundamental capabilities are not available.

Looking at P3 we were impressed with their co-creation methodology, highly flexible platform that could be contextualized to local needs and breath of capabilities that creates a holistic, total solution. P3’s ready-to-use capabilities also radically reduced go-to-market speed from design to piloting and launching live services.

By our collaboration with P3 we are creating probably the most advanced AI-based multi-industry commerce and logistics platform that enables us to fulfill the vision and the very high standard of service we would like Zapp to deliver.”

Mr. Amin Hashwani, angel investor of Zapworld Ltd