Digitalising a challenger bank

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The leadership of Soneri bank recognized early on, that there is a massive digitalization drive taking place in the world. Customers are connecting to services through their mobile phones and are expecting instant, convenient and safe services.

Soneri’s home base Pakistan is a dynamic, growing market of 220 million people, with 185 million cellular subscribers and 1 million people coming online every month via mobile phones.

Soneri bank has grown rapidly since its establishment in 1991 and has currently over 300 branches and ATMs nationwide. The new digital service will enable the bank to exponentially grow their market size, as their current retail banking focused public image transforms to an image of a bank that serves all segments of the society.

The guiding principle of Soneri bank is to provide innovative financial solutions and quality customer service.

Following this ethos, the bank decided to create a service that would seamlessly connect with their existing systems, improve internal efficiency and user friendliness, and offer unparalleled digital service experience to their customers.

Soneri chose to partner with P3 Financial Group for the project because the modular structure of P3’s platform which offered them the components their business required, with the possibility of adding more functionality through additional modules in the future. The ready-to-deploy modules also radically reduced set-up time needed.

Both parties also shared an understanding that long-term commitment from both sides is essential to the success of the project. An undertaking this large must be a co-creation process where dedicated teams from both sides work deeply together for a common goal.

The engineering team at P3 worked closely with Soneri operations to create a service that can support the bank’s ambitious growth roadmap. P3 Design Lab created the user experience and new brand image for the new digital service as well as guidelines for their marketing campaign.

case studies
case studies
In 2021, on their 30th Jubilee, Soneri bank has issued a strong challenge to the market through their partnership with P3.

Soneri now delivers real-time banking services to all its customers. Internal operations and administration have been aligned and digitized thanks to P3’s unified digital core.

The transformation has made Soneri bank not only very customer experience focused, but also more agile, streamlined, and able to respond faster to future customer needs.